Submission guidelines

The web gallery is for artists who attend and draw at our weekly drawing sessions only. We encourage the artist to submit as many drawings or paintings they wish. Only drawings from our sessions are accepted.

Technical Guidelines
Please send the highest quality/largest size image possible. Cover photos must at least 5184 pixels wide x 3456 pixels high. Other photos for print publications should be a MINIMUM of 3300 pixels x 2550 pixels. Largest possible file sizes are always recommended to produce the best results. TIP: Not sure how big your photo is? On your PC, right click on the photo icon. Select ‘properties’ from the menu, and click the ‘summary’ tab. We recommend using a 5 megapixel digital camera or better and use the highest quality setting when you shoot. If you use a camera phone, please change the camera settings to the highest possible quality setting and export the image off your phone at full size. Please do not distort the image by applying photo filters or effects. Do not attempt to increase the size of an existing image using filters or software. This will not improve the quality or make it appropriate for printing.

Submitting Photographs

We accept high-resolution images in JPG, TIF, or DNG formats. If you have not submitted images to us before, please keep your submission to fewer than 20 photos.

  • CROPPING: Cropping is allowed, but composing your drawing/painting on the page is always ideal.
  • CLONING: Cloning is not allowed.
  • BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY: Converting your color drawing/painting to black and white is acceptable.
  • FILTERS: Filters are not recommended, as overprocessing can often make the drawing/painting look cartoonish.
  • WATERMARKS: Please do not watermark your drawing/painting. Your drawing/painting always credits the author (you) whenever and wherever it appears on the site, along with providing a link to the author's profile. Because of this, there's no need to watermark the image—we want to see your photograph without any distractions.

Sending photos
If you are submitting several photos, we suggest using a file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Image License
By submitting your drawings, you agree to our Image License Agreement. This agreement allows to use your drawing/painting in print and digital formats, and it verifies that you are the copyright owner.

Use of Published Photographs

Artists are credited for each drawing/painting published. Although artists retain copyright, by submitting drawing/painting to, artists are assigning the right to use the image in current and subsequent printings of the publication in which they appear, whether in print or digital format.